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fix damaged corrupted flash drive SDHC card-n

Datenrettung Data Recovery
Datenrettung Data Recovery durch programmierbaren Nand Flash-Reader. Wir holen Ihre Daten zurück! by programmable NAND Flash Reader. We bring back your data!

If important data from memory cards or USB flash drives suddenly disappear simply. Or simply no longer have access to the data that can be very tragic. The SD SDHC memory card or digital camera is suddenly the error message: Card Error, required an unknown device, formatting, unreadable memory card error, etc.? This suggests that physical damage is present on the disk. Usually the built controller is defective and must be replaced.

Data recovery software-in this case can no longer work. Almost always, in this scenario, the memory chips intact and the data is still available. When the memory chips of the data carrier circuit board can be removed, it is possible to use the data with the help of a specific NAND flash reader restore. The data is then available as Rohhdaten and need to readable data, images, photos, videos will be restored. This is the hardest part of the recovery and often requires a lot of time and experience.

With the NAND Flash Reader method we can succeed in 95% of cases and may your data wiederherstellen.Das is often possible if other companies have said that a data recovery would not be possible. Use our technology and experience to make your important pictures, photos, videos.


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