Sandisk Memory stick pro duo Magicgate 4Gb


Hi, My name is Christian and I live in Argentina. I am writing to you because I have a problem with my "Sandisk Memory stick pro duo Magicgate 4Gb". I could not read the data included and I would like to recover it. I have tried with some places (I didn"t formatted it). They told me that the data and control chip of this memory is in the same chip, so Its dificult to recover the data inside the data chip. I wonder if you could tell me If you could recover data from this kind of memory in order to send it to you by post office. And I would like to know the range of prices of this type of data recovery. Waiting for a response, Thanks in advance


Fotos wiederherstellen hilft

Fotos wiederherstellen hilft

Schöne Erinnerungen oder Daten sind einfach verschwunden? Sie können auf Ihre Daten nicht mehr zugreifen? In den meisten Fällen können wir Ihre Daten, Fotos und Videos wiederherstellen.

They have lost important pictures, videos or data? You have deleted your disk is formatted or the contents are lost, or you no longer have access to the data? On disk only CHK files are visible? Or, the card seems to be completely empty? Your memory card is no longer displayed or recognized?

Egel what problem you have with your disk also. We can probably have your data, produce images, videos again. Trust the pictures data recovery. For no one saves more data from flash memory devices in Europe as krMedia data recovery.

Take nothing now myself with the medium. Because self-experiments often lead the we are no longer, or very difficult to get your data zoom. You want a real change to a successful recovery? Then you should trust us and send us your defective media.

After analyzing your defective disk we will send you a quote for the recovery of your data.


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